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Join a community of thousands around the globe saving over 80% on their photo editing workflow. The batch.ai family brings the power of ai-tech, seamless automation + full service photo editing assistance to Lightroom Classic workflows.

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batch.ai brings the power of high-level editing assistance directly into your hands for full creative control while intelligently processing 1000 images in 1 minute. Looking at outsourcing but need a more affordable, flexible, and lightning-fast alternative? Look no further.

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We’ve been serving photographers for over 5 years with a full service editing team. You can grow, expand and get your editing under control today with 72 hour turnaround, personal edits based on your precise style and unparalleled support. Join the batch.ai family today!

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Second slide Alexander Mayer


Absolute game changer in image editing

As I was testing some AI-driven image editing plugins this winter, which are based on learning from a few 1000 images, I thought about how it would be if you edited a few images per series and then adjusted the rest based on them... And what can I say? Then Shawn emailed me if I wanted to test his batch.ai plugin, which works exactly that way! It's an absolute game changer for any photographer... I'm shooting over 30 weddings this year and what can I say it will save my season and make my life easier... Great job Shawn and batchi.ai I am excited!

Second slide Amy Allen


Cannot recommend Batch.Ai enough!

Cannot recommend Batch.Ai enough! I've only used it a handful of times so far but it's so easy to use, the accuracy is incredible and it's making my working life so much easier. Thank you!!

Second slide Amy Anaiz


Batch.AI has totally sped up my…

Batch.AI has totally sped up my workflow. The more I use it the better the AI gets at knowing exactly what I need done to each image. Highly recommended! :)

Second slide Ashley Wallace


I'm absolutely loving Batch AI so far

I'm absolutely loving Batch AI so far! I'm also super impressed with Shawn's customer service. So helpful and quick to respond. Excited to see what this season's busy season will look like with the help of Batch AI! Thanks for making our lives easier Shawn!!!

Second slide Brittney Buechler


Shouting praise from the rooftops

I’ve been dying for batch.ai to officially launch and rescue me from my editing cave. I used it to edit an entire wedding gallery & let’s just say… this will be a game changer for my business. 10/10 recommending this to all of my friends in the photography business. Very excited to get my time back once and for all.

Second slide Carina Lieberman


Batch.ai it’s a game changer!

Batch.ai it’s a game changer!! I tried it out yesterday for the first time and was shocked to see how well the editing matched with my anchor images, and also blown away with how fast it was able to edit!! It literally edited about 200 images for me in four minutes!? Of course, I had to tweak minor things because nothings perfect, but it seriously save me hours worth of work and I’m so excited to use it more!!

Second slide Lily Lancaster



Y'ALLLLLL. I'm actually giggling right now, giddy with excitement because I just edited a gallery in 15 minutes (including me taking the time to go back and look through some of the batch.ai intro videos). My biggest complaint about being a wedding photographer is being stuck inside editing during the nicest parts of the year and now I'm feeling hopeful that my double-headers almost every weekend in the fall aren't actually going to ruin my life (jk jk I love my couples more than anything but I don't need to be in the editing cave 8+ hours a day). This has officially changed the editing game forever!

Second slide Reilly Day



BATCH.AI IS UNBELIEVABLE! I never imagined there would be a plug-in for Lightroom in the near future, but as soon as I heard about Batch.ai I was SOLD. I was able to edit 300+ in less than 10 minutes. I don't know anything that can even remotely compete with it. It has FOREVER changed my workflow + I will definitely be integrating this into my wedding workflow forever!!

Second slide Sydney Frank


Game changer!

Game changer! Batch.ai is seriously a time saving life hack for photographers. I’ve been outsourcing my editing and this is taking that to a new level! It honestly is saving me so much time, money and helps me provide an even better service to clients by being more efficient. Grateful for this product.

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